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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a job map where you could see what jobs where available in your area simply by looking at the map? Even better, what if you could specify what area you want to look at, right down to the city in which you live? Well, now there is a job mapping tool that allows just that. Use the tool above to locate a job in your area or any other area for that matter.

To use the utility, all you need to do is know where you want to work and what you want to do. To get started, you simply type the city and state in which you are interested in getting a job in the field to the right labeled ‘Where’ and the type of job you want in the field to the left labeled ‘What.’ So for example, if you want to work in Dallas, Texas as a manager you would put ‘manager’ in the ‘What’ box and ‘Dallas, Texas’ in the ‘Where’ box.

To the right you will see the actual job openings for your search in the area and field you want. To the left you will see pins in a map that show you where many job opportunities are located. If you click on the pin you will see how many jobs in that surrounding area are available. Once you see a job title that you think fits what you are looking for, you simply click on the title link and a new page with all the job information pulls up. Here you will find everything you need to know about the job, including salary or hourly pay, requirements, and more. You can even apply for the job if you so desire with just another click of the mouse.

Finding a great paying job in the field and the area of your choice has never been easier. With the free and easy to use job map that is waiting for you, there has never been a better, or quicker, time to go job hunting.

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